Governor Newsome issued Executive Order N-33-20. It ordered all individuals living in California to stay in their place of residence. The order provided exemptions for critical infrastructure sectors as outlined on website:

In response to this, Keystone and your association vendors have put policies in place to abide by the new guidelines.

For Keystone: Teams who normally work at our corporate office in Irvine and all of our Regional Offices will be working remotely. We will continue to provide all essential services, work regular hours, and work with our clients by phone. We will be adding signage at our office doors, adding messaging on our main number, and special messaging on our website

Board Meetings will be conducted via teleconference, if you are interested in attending a board meeting, please contact for details. Board Meeting information is posted at the Stonehill gate and on the community website.

Landscape Vendor (Grant’s Landscape): They will do the following:

  1. They will implement a staged work force times to reduce exposure.
  2. Workers will maintain a 6′ safe distance from one another.
  3. Workers will maintain a 20′ safe distance from residents.

Gate Attendant Vendor (Nordic Security):

  1. They will no longer hand out passes. All guests will be recorded in the system by the gate attendant each time the guest/vendor enter the community.
  2. Gate attendant will stay 6′ feet away from Residents and Guests.
  3. Gate attendant will not leave the gatehouse unless installing a transponder.

Please do not hesitate to contact DeLawrence Roby at if you have any questions or concerns.

Please stay safe and practice social distancing!