As mentioned in our previous correspondence to you, we want to keep you informed of our progress in implementing the new gate system. To make things as smooth as possible, the change will come in a series of steps in 2021.

To ensure that you have uninterrupted gate access, we need some basic contact information from you, including your email address. The system utilizes email addresses to help you provide more accurate and secure guest passes to your guests and vendors.

Once your email address is in the system, you will be provided a personalized “link” via email to fully complete your account profile (vehicle information, etc.).

Time is very important so please promptly email your Community Manager DeLawrence Roby ( with the following information:

  1. The email address you wish to use for the gate system.
  2. Your first and last name (you do not need to include all household members).
  3. Your property address.
  4. In the subject line of your email to DeLawrence Roby type “Gate System Update”.

The deadline to submit this information will be on the close of the business day on Wednesday, January 13, 2021.

You must provide the above information, even if you believe you have previously supplied this information to Keystone Pacific or Nordic Security. If you have any questions, please contact DeLawrence Roby at (949) 430–5807. Thank you for your cooperation.

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